Hedrin product range

Hedrin® All-in-One Shampoo

Kills head lice, removes eggs and cleans hair - all in one

Hedrin® Once

A fast acting solution that takes just 15 minutes to work.

Hedrin® Treat & Go

A fuss-free solution great for children who just won't sit still. 

Hedrin® 4% Lotion

Clinically proven to kill head lice with only two applications.

Hedrin® Protect & Go

A hassle-free conditioning spray, clinically proven to help protect against head lice.

Detects and removes head lice & eggs

A comfortable precision comb to help you detect head lice and remove eggs

Fight head lice with Hedrin

Checking for head lice

Checking should become part of every family's personal hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth, or washing your hair.

Treating head lice

Found head lice or nits? Don't worry! We have all kinds of treatments for all kinds of hair type.

Preventing head lice

Think your child is at risk of getting head lice? Here are some ways you can help protect them.