Children catch head lice from each other when they socialise and through head to head contact. This can happen at any time but has long been associated with socialising at school.

The 'Once a Week, Take a Peek' campaign educates parents on 
the need to check their
children's hair regularly for lice as a normal part of 
their family's personal hygiene routine
and then to take swift action should any 
be found.

Although this campaign’s emphasis is very much on parents taking responsibility and
action there is still a real and valuable role for 
schools to play in keeping head lice
infestations to a minimum. The same 
applies to childcare centres, nurseries, and indeed
any organisation that works 
with children.

  • Help educate parents on the need to check regularly for lice – ideally once a week

  • Guide them information on how to identify, manage and treat head lice effectively

  • Direct parents to their local pharmacist for expert advice if they are having difficulties in getting rid of lice

  • Inform them when an outbreak has been spotted in the school